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Lukáš Tvrdý is professional software developer, open-source contributor, Krita developer


Currently working for REC Slovakia s.r.o. as software designer.

I was part of the Nokia sponsored team in 2010-2011, that worked on improving Calligra Suite. I worked on improvements in the rendering engine and input filters for Microsoft binary and OOXML document files.

Master degree in computer science at Technical University of Ostrava
Specialization: Computer graphics and Software Engineering.
Thesis: Brush painting in 2D raster graphics, implemented in open-source application Krita
Bachalour thesis: Corner detection in digital images
Key techonologies: Linux, Qt, C++

Experience with maintainability of huge code-base, unit-testing, integration testing, performance optimization.


I’m one of the core developers of Krita. My contribution is mainly in tools for painting and brush painting algorithms. I did performance improvements and general bug-fixing of various parts of Krita as community sponsored developer. I mentored students in Google Summer Of Code program. I twice successfully finished my Google Summer Of Code projects as student developer. I blog about stuff I add to Krita.


Libre Graphics Meeting 2011,
Canada, Montreal
Video stream

Libre Graphics Meeting 2010
Brusel, Belgium
Video stream

KDE Akademy 2010
Tampere, Finland
Talk description
External link to ogv video

Personal notes

Happily married to my beautiful wife. Exploring various computer graphics algorithms is hobby for me. I do also play guitar with band and listen to music. I do sports like football and riding a bike. I believe in God, I’m Roman Catholic Christian. In my free time I write
articles about christian music for mediablog.

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  1. Hi, i recently saw your conference on the rivervalley tv channel. (LGM 2010) really nice explanation even i am not a coder. i saw the entire talk, because i love brushes development, but in my case i do it graphically. Your talk awakes my curiosity more than before about the Krita project. I often make suggestions or create brushes , and then use them haha. (mypaint, gimp, UI, Tutorials etc)
    I am amazed by Krita possibilities, so i am going to investigate a bit about it. You are making a very cool job! i hope to write you as soon as i master some of your brushes engines XDD take care

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