Ability to drag&drop from KSnapshot to Krita

I started discussion on IRC that I would like to be able to drag&drop image from KSnapshot to Krita. I decided to code that as no one stepped in. With Cyrille and the others fellow KOffice hackers I managed to have working code quite fast. So far you were able to drag&drop from e.g. Konqueror.

So I invite you to play with trunk and edit your screenshots in Krita for now. It is easy, just drag&drop :)

GSoC related news:

I have implemented infinite canvas,it is in trunk already. So you can start the stroke out of the canvas and use tools outside the canvas on the viewport. Rotation of the canvas is pushed for later.

Now I will work on the 3D preview of the brush model on the canvas. So I’m reviewing and fixing tools and it’s painting. It will all work on OpenGl canvas.

Thanks to the Fedora’s new kernel ( I have nice experience on the laptop with Intel graphics.That kernel has some new drivers. I was suprised. I have laptop with NVidia graphics but my disk is broken. For now I’m using borrowed laptop (thank you Zuzka) and I’m waiting patiently to get my laptop back.

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  1. lokimonster says:

    Just two words. Wow, cool 😀

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