Color Choosers

The color choosers of koffice are a big uncoordinated mess. So in order to
get a handle on what we need to do we are calling for an irc meeting

Saturday 27th 18:00 cet on irc channel #koffice-color more…

I want better Color Selector (dialog where you can type exact values for color). E.g. I miss HTML input. So If you are user of krita, don’t forget to come and share you ideas about color choosers.

Let’s list some screens.I start with default KDE color chooser used in kolourpaint and in digikam:

KolourPaint: KDE Default Color Chooser

Some gimp’s screenshots:











Our beloved Krita and his color choosers

Krita choosers

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7 Responses to Color Choosers

  1. Soap says:

    Since I won’t be able to make it to the chat, I thought I’d put in my two cents here.

    First cent: Of all of those, I find the Inkscape colour chooser the most useful. I think it’s mostly because the various representations are separate (hsv isn’t shown at the same time as rgb, etc.) Doing that also makes it take up less of the screen, eg. while docked.

    Second cent: The current KOffice set up seems to have a very haphazard modular system. Obviously, making it properly modular would be smart. I don’t think I need to go further on that.

  2. Not exactly related, but you might also want to have a look at Agave, a GNOME application to create colorschemes.

  3. Gregor says:

    I think the triangle one from krita is one of the best ideas for a colorchooser. But also the choosers with the colored sliderbars seems to be straight forward and usable (like the third gimp screeny).

  4. Mikko says:

    I like the first ones (kolourpaint and digikam) but I would add for that the feature what scribus and GTK+ app “avage” has. It should be possible to select a color (from larger area than just one pixel. You should able to choose a area size where the avarage color is calculated, let say like 10x10px area and then the avarage color from that area, even it would have many different shade of same color) and then get a 3-5 different colors from that, what would work well with that selected color. This helps a lot to make good color palettes for everything.

    The Gimp tool options are most feature rich, still very easy to use (and Inkscape too!). That is the other style what I would take. Others are just too simple and does not give any good features.

  5. Piotr Budny says:

    I do like adobe’s kuler:
    Very useful for creating matching color palettes.

  6. Johan Thelin says:

    Have a look at Witold’s work. Perhaps you can come up with some standard signal and slot profiles for handing colours: .


  7. ash says:

    the best is to add few and let the user choose his one in the application settings

    otherwise the square and column one (like in kolorpaint) is the best. it is the most intuitive and precise of all – less play to get a wanted color. and with the options to choose what the column sets (added in kde 4) it can be made to function similar to the other ones in a click (set the column to hue and its allmost like the circle / triangle one)

    transparency column slider would be cool addition

    i came here from karbon (user and recently bug report bomber). i just suggested a similar widget (currently there is

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