Calligra Essen sprint 2013: Day 2

Greetings from Essen! The 2nd day of Calligra sprint in Essen started with discussion about redesigning UI in Calligra so that the applications can be delivered easily on more platforms. The first candidate for UI code refactoring is going to be Krita. There is already Krita Sketch application which provides QML based user interface besides the standard QWidget one. Rest of the Calligra suite should follow the refactorings too.

Maintainers are needed! Karbon, Plan and Braindump are without maintainers. Previous maintainers are busy with real life.

Afternoon was full of commits and coding. I made code review for Krita Sketch merge to master and then Boud, Krita maintainer, started to fix the problems I found. Sven is working on actions and operations, so that users can produce macros. And he did some refactoring, so now you can write less code to produce extensions with actions. Dmitry was trying to compile Windows version of Krita, but that failed. He helped me also to implement offset operation for layers and image, especially part related to processing framework in Krita — if you have image with 8 layers and your computer has 4 cores, every core will process one layer, so you get the filtering results quickly! Dmitry also fixed some crash in transform tool. Arjen worked on modern OpenGL canvas for Krita.

Friedrich was fixing build system in Calligra, he introduced so-called Productsets, so now you can easily specify that you want to compile Calligra for Plasma Active with only useful parts and avoid compilation of the parts that are useful only for desktop version.

Yue is fixing some text layout bug. Matus Uzak fixed some problems in filters and worked on docx export filter. Inge started to lay foundations for export filter for docx. He has experience with epub that is constructed from odf and also experience with export of odf to html. Thorsten fixed bug with styles in filters related to footers and headers, that were not saved correctly. He also reported some bug for me, what reminded me of my time when I was working on Calligra for Nokia and I investigated shortly some bug in MS Office filter.

Today I was riding a small electric car provided by Linux hotel. It is called Renault Twizy. I was picking up pizzas for lunch. It was funny to ride in Essen-Horst, I enjoyed it a lot. The car does not have windows (now I see the pun from linuxhotel), it is quite small and elegant for city travelling! The speed change is so smooth in this electric car. Then we had nice dinner in a restaurant — some had tasty Schnitzels and some tasty vegetarian food.

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  1. n-pigeon says:

    “discussion about redesigning UI in Calligra”

    Nice, you guys don’t forget about docking windows horizontally 😉 I have too much not used space for canvas :)

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