Calligra Essen sprint 2013: Day 1

Calligra sprint 2013 is taking place in Essen, Germany. We are occupying Linuxhotel, which happens to be a very nice Linux hotel. The rooms are nice, the meeting hall is nice. Cool place with Linux mascot everywhere. I like the equipment of the hotel. Coffee machine, kitchen ready to be used, rooms with computers, even an acoustic guitar.

The first day started with a lot of discussions. Some are personal, some are technical.Sven, Dmitry and I were discussing recording, macros and actions in Krita. Inge and Matus were discussing docx export filter. Hopefully it will happen! :)

Arijen and Thorsten cooked really great dinner for us. Pasta with tasty sauces, one was vegetarian and tasted great even for me, non-vegetarian person. The other one was with meat. Nobody stayed hungry. Mek, Sheets Tables maintainer, happens to work for Google now and he brought Google Chromebook Pixel.I can confirm that the display is really amazing on this device. Boud shared some positive impressions from Mobile World Congress about demoing Krita.

Few remarkable quotes of the day:

“Krita is actually useful product, that people can use.”

“You are married…You are Lord of the Rings now.”
“Yeah, the ring makes me invisible in the commit log.”

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3 Responses to Calligra Essen sprint 2013: Day 1

  1. SouL says:

    I laughed a lot with the quotes. Enjoy the stay and keep doing so well :)

  2. n-pigeon says:

    Linux hotel O_o? Cool! Have a nice time :)

    “Yeah, the ring makes me invisible in the commit log.” – hahaha xD lol

  3. sebsauer says:

    Aloha and greetings to all Calligra devs & friends at the Essen & Bangalore sprints. Rocking to see/read about all the great stuff going on!

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