Krita Bug hunting day

5th november 2011 since the early morning til the late night (almost) no matter where you are, the Krita IRC channel #krita on freenode.

This bug hunting event is about help you to try Krita, it’s about finding hidden bugs in your Krita workflow, it’s about getting to know more people from community. We will help you
build lastest Krita if you want or you can come and test prepared packages for your Linux distribution (Krita 2.4 beta 3).

What you can do at the event?

Precondition: Setup environment to have always fresh Krita build or install package for your distro

a) triagge bugs from bugzilla, pick a bug and try to reproduce, if reproducible, confirm (optionally with your backtrace)
b) test various features from our visual guide
c) review the release log and test the mentioned items (ever wondered what Make painting obey channel locks means? Ask us, test it, yay if it works, fill bug report if fails)
d) test features that real professional digital painter likes
e) something cool I forgot to tell

Why would you attend? You can contribute to Krita this way very easily.

I will be there too, my nick is LukasT. Feel free to ping me.
By the way we will have professional digital painter around too 😉

Facebook event

Maybe you want to test new multihand painting tool…

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2 Responses to Krita Bug hunting day

  1. Boudewijn says:

    This is the right bug for following multihand issues: :-)

  2. thorGT says:

    A happy programmer you are Lukas! Not all of us can work on what we like and get paid well. Especially when it comes to Open Source.

    In general, the Krita team has shown us how to do it, I mean, how to deliver great applications with Open Source. Overcoming platform limitations and organizing focus groups via real funding are the two most important lessons you’ve given to the communtity. Keep rocking guys!

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