Google Open-Source Blog and my thesis

Boud wrote about our work in KOffice on Google Open-source blog.What a fame! What will happen with Chinase brush simulation in Krita? I’m thinking about doing my final thesis with topic “Digital Brushes” or “Simulation of the hairy brushes” or something like that. So maybe I will spend 3 semesters working on it! Maybe..

I’m still thinking about thesis, because I really want to prepare myself for future job as best as possible. I considered to write some standalone Desktop painting app in Qt (to learn more about designing of Desktop apps – Krita is design nicely, the architecture has a lot of desing patterns) or I will write some big CMS for a firm here in Slovak or Czech republic.

I love to code graphics stuff. I’m hobby photographer and I like compositing things. I like the idea of composite editor in Blender ported to Krita :) Cyrille did something in the area, he coded little app called waterflow.

I enjoyed coding Chinase brush simulation, it was fun for me. I don’t know what to choose. I’m thinking about it. What I know is that I do not want to write network apps. I did not enjoy that much :(

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