New features I plan to work on!

You know, I plan them, and it does not have to happen. My school starts in mid-september and I also have my job , and I have planned to rest for a while, but anyway, here is the list of features that I have in my mind:

Famous girl done by enkithan using sumi-e brush
Famous girl done by enkithan using sumi-e brush

* bidirectional painting — Emanuelle work could be involved
* brush shape defined by bitmap:
– bristles coordinates related to the center of bitmap or it could be selected in GUI somehow
– bristle length defined by brightness of the bitmap color (value from HSV color space)

I need to come up whether I use predefined brushes (brushop use them now) or I made own Gui for loading bitmap

* toXML, fromXML : export, import brush settings
* improve GUI: naming for 1D/2D, what to do with sigma?
* weighted saturation and opacity — i need to come up with clever formula
* Catmull-Rom curves used for path of the bristle (lines used now — some artifact happen)
* mixing of the bristle colors
* scale of the brush

What I would love to see, but it is quite harder:

* physics for bristles
* springiness for bristles

* TZander talked about brush properties to scale with the ppi of the canvas on our IRC ( -> #koffice)

What do you miss in Sumi-e ? Let me know through comments…

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3 Responses to New features I plan to work on!

  1. Elvis Stansvik says:

    Hey Lukas,

    Great work on the SoC! The Sumi-E is really cool. What I miss; painting incrementally doesn’t seem to work. Other than that I can’t say I miss anything specific. The bristle strokes look a little coarse for me, maybe even non-antialiased, but I’m guessing that will be fixed. ( shows what I mean).

  2. LukasT says:

    Hi Elvis, thanks for comment.

    I will fix that anti-aliasing problem. You can get better results with tablet and using 2D brush in settings dialog.
    But I will fix that also for 1D brush.Problem here is that the path of the bristle is generated by poor line algorithm with no sub-pixel precision…More commits to follow!

  3. Elvis Stansvik says:

    Ah alright. That’s great.

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