Krita: Everybody can make a painting

I decided to share some GUI between our brush engines (paintops in Krita jargon). I started with color dialog. The color dialog is work-in-process. I co-operate with Cyrille Berger so that more paintops can benefit from color trasformations and also I want to add features that Cyrille coded. First implementers of the color dialog are spray and grid brush.

Color dialog

So I implement some features that are available with grid brush to spray. And now you can do fun stuff. You can be artist with just few clicks. Everybody can make a painting :)

There is painting style called pointillism. If you want to know what is that, wikipedia has nice article and nice picture in neo-impressionism article. Inspiration came also from Paul Haeberli, who did really great job in area of non-photorealistic rendering (Paint By Numbers article). There is Paul’s applet where you can be impressionist (pointillism style also possible with proper settings).

Now in spray brush in Krita you select particle type circle, you check in color dialog, that you want color per particle and sample input color. Then you just go through image and paint where you want. You can get the same result as in picture I did. Don’t forget to load some cool photo which colors will be sampled.


Pointillism with spray brush in Krita

You can select different particle type to get different style. E.g. I selected rectangle with 1px width and 60px height size (lines 😉  and checked random size and same options in the color dialog. I also checked random opacity and random HSV and used sliders to post-process sampled colors as I paint.

ImpressionistKrita-impressionism with spray

So far it is destructive editing, so you paint on photo in the layer. For future you will be able to select layer in which your photo is loaded so that it is not destroyed.

I love to paint clouds :) I always wanted to be able to paint clouds with my brush engines and now I’m closer to that aim. Here is what I get with spray and color dialog:


Let’s describe random HSV and opacity a little. Random opacity select random opacity of the color. Easy. Random HSV turn on hue, saturation and value transformation of the color. The sliders in the color dialog sets how much and how far the color can be transformated. If you select from HSV e.g. value to zero, color’s value will not be changed. If you select value 100, then color’s value will be randomly adjusted to interval 0..100. Applies for the hue and saturation in the same manner. You have to understand the HSV model for this usage.

For the clouds I selected white color and checked random opacity and HSV and dragged the value slider to negative values to get darker colors. And I played with gray colors and saturation. Working on thesis is fun! 😉

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