New brush in Krita: Grid brush

I created new funny brush call grid brush. It was inspired by this flash game and I added idea that needed to be implemented long time ago – sample colors from under your brush. Paul Haeberli talks about it in Paint By Numbers article.

What can you do with it?

1. Make art from your photos. Easy. Just check in color dialog that you want to sample input color. Select some various divisions in brush option and ride with your cursor on image.

Grid preview

2. Somehow create the mentioned game pictures. Just play with grid size, color options and division level in options.

Grid game

3. Pixel-art. Various options allows you to generate funny things. I hope some Krita users will make something more representative in the gallery.

Pixel art with grid brush

Grid brush has also some tablet support, e.g. for mixing the background color with input or foreground color and the division level can be changed by pressure. This brush is still work-in-progress, but you can already play with it as the trunk for KOffice is open again. Except this in Krita 2.2 😉 I have fun with gridbrush. I hope you will have too :)

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