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We need the place where our users can meet. The place where the artists can share their artworks and tips&trick for Krita usage. Gimpers have their GimpTalk. Blender users have their blenderartists. Krita has it’s new Krita forum! Mailing-lists are cool, but not so much among users. Krita has it’s hidden mailing list here but the topic is usually development. Krita used to be called kimageshop.


We thought we will start the separate forum on (old not-up-to-date website) or we would go for KDE Forum and do what amaro(c)kers did with with their forum. We decided to go with KDE Forum for two main reasons:

  • it is a cool team, the KDE forum..and working with them was pleasure for me
  • we don’t have enough people to handle forum (it requires to code features, moderate, fight spam, etc. ) and Krita developers want to focus on developing Krita

Thank you, KDE Forum team!

Our forum is small and we hope it will grow and we will add more interesting subforums like those on the mentioned forums.

So now go and enjoy the new Krita forum. Post your artworks, ask how to use Krita, share and get Krita related news!

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4 Responses to Krita forum: Communicate

  1. cumulus007 says:

    Hi, what’s the picture you’re using in this screenshot? It looks amazing and I’d love to set it as my wallpaper

  2. I’d just like to mention that having that image in the screenshot makes Krita look like an amazing app! :-)

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