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Harmony brush adoption in Krita: Sketch

Besides my sponsored work on Krita, I work in my spare time (if I find some) on some new features. I did a thesis about brush painting and I still enjoy this topic. So when I find some new interesting … Continue reading

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Week 38: On the path to fix smudge bugs

The week started with some fixes in Dyna tool I already wrote about in the previous blog entry. Then I started to work on bug with smudge. And I still did not fix the issue completely. I started to investigate … Continue reading

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Week 37: Brush rendering, UI and some performance fixes

This week of sponsored Krita development started with fix for bug 250621. I merged some of the brush engines as I promised at Akademy 2010. One of them is softbrush, which is now part of the default Pixel Brush. The … Continue reading

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Week 35,36: I fixed, I fixed, I implemented, I fixed…

The week 35 started with fixing issues in paintops, which occurred when I merged some brush engines. I fixed deserialization in the presets, I cleaned some code in the mask generation code and I commited the presets which mimics the … Continue reading

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