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Week 32,33,34: Sheep, fixing and cleaning Krita

Let’s review what I was working on in Krita lately. On Monday, week 32 I pinged  David Revoy on #krita IRC channel, digital painter,with question what bugs him in Krita the most lately. He wrote nice report for us, but … Continue reading

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Week 31: Fixing custom and predefined brushes

Custom brush was disabled feature for quite a long time in Krita and I resurrected the feature from the dust in week 30. Further testing uncovered a lot of bugs. First bug occurred when you used color mask as grayscale … Continue reading

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Week 30: Custom brush works

Creating custom brushes is important for digital painters. A brush mask you can create using procedural dialogs we have (like Auto brush, Softbrush) has advantages of being somehow like a vector – you can easily scale them and rotate them … Continue reading

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