Monthly Archives: July 2010

Week 29: Performance and bugs

This week I continued to work on fixing Krita. I started with outlines. When you fix something, you break something other sometimes. It happened this time. Duplicate brush known as clone tool in Gimp is somehow special regarding the outlines. … Continue reading

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Week 28: Bug fixing

This week was devoted to bug fixing. I started with line algorithms. We had some various todo’s in our KisPainter’s line rasterization routines. KisPainter is something like QPainter in Qt, but works with our KisPaintDevice. KisPaintDevice is pixel buffer with … Continue reading

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Week 26,27: Photoshop brushes, Krita on Windows

I continued to work on Photoshop ( PS in text further) brush presets support in Krita. I was exploring what features we miss and I started to implement some of them. I implemented parsing of the brush and tip dynamics … Continue reading

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