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Hairy brush improvements

I renamed my very first brush engine, sumi-e, I wrote a long time ago. It was Google Summer Of Code 2008, the year I joined the Krita team. This brush engine started my joy over  the brush engines. I have … Continue reading

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Week 9: Mirroring feature

Last week we finished the part of the action plan regarding the performance. I started to work on usability improvements. The first usability improvement is canvas mirroring. Canvas mirroring is useful in your painting work flow and Boudewijn explained that … Continue reading

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New brush in Krita: Softbrush

I’m quite busy right these days. I don’t have much time to blog about some nice stuff I have done in Krita in my “spare-thesis time”. I’m writing the thesis about brush engines I implemented for Krita and I wanted … Continue reading

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Week 8: Vectorization cancelled

In week 8 I started working on a part of the Krita I had never touched before. It is actually a library inside KOffice called Pigment. Pigment is responsible for the color management. It contains some colorspaces we actually don’t … Continue reading

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Week 7: 12 times faster smudge

This week of the sponsored Krita developer was a little shorter. On Monday I traveled back from Holland to Slovakia. I was at the Krita Hackfest 2010. We worked there quite hard so we decided to take a break for … Continue reading

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Week 5&6: Krita hackfest

I’m writing this blogpost from Boud’s kitchen. After 10 days of the Krita hackfest I feel quite dizzy. What I was doing? According the action plan, this two weeks could be spent on some unfinished business. So we decided to … Continue reading

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