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Libre Graphics Meeting 2012

I spent 5 days in Vienna, participating at the Libre Graphics Meeting 2012. It is conference full of developers, artists and users connected to open-source tools. You can meet there MyPaint, Gimp, Inkscape or Scribus developers. At least I did! Or you can … Continue reading

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Alchemy in Krita: shape, mirroring, multihand painting

There is an open drawing project, called Alchemy. I noticed this project while watching some video tutorials made by David Revoy. He uses this tool in his workflow. I noticed that people can draw crazy interesting stuff with that tool. … Continue reading

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New brush in Krita: Softbrush

I’m quite busy right these days. I don’t have much time to blog about some nice stuff I have done in Krita in my “spare-thesis time”. I’m writing the thesis about brush engines I implemented for Krita and I wanted … Continue reading

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Krita: Everybody can make a painting

I decided to share some GUI between our brush engines (paintops in Krita jargon). I started with color dialog. The color dialog is work-in-process. I co-operate with Cyrille Berger so that more paintops can benefit from color trasformations and also … Continue reading

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Interesting blogposts about Flash 10

I discovered nice blogposts about Flash 10. Some could be inspiration for Krita. I like this version of histogram and I like articles about various blurring effects and there is nice one about linear blur.

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