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Krita Sprint 2014

Past First Krita sprint that I attended was back in 2010, in Netherlands, Deventer. We were hosted by Krita maintainer, Boudewijn Rempt. The main topic back then was to define product vision for Krita . It was a great idea to … Continue reading

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Libre Graphics Meeting 2012

I spent 5 days in Vienna, participating at the Libre Graphics Meeting 2012. It is conference full of developers, artists and users connected to open-source tools. You can meet there MyPaint, Gimp, Inkscape or Scribus developers. At least I did! Or you can … Continue reading

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Krita Bug hunting day

5th november 2011 since the early morning til the late night (almost) no matter where you are, the Krita IRC channel #krita on freenode. This bug hunting event is about help you to try Krita, it’s about finding hidden bugs … Continue reading

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Krita bug-fixing

There are few Krita developers sponsored to work on Krita part-time and I’m one of them. It’s all donated by one man from Krita community, Silvio Grosso. Big thanks goes to him. Thanks to this initiative I can spend few … Continue reading

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Alchemy in Krita: shape, mirroring, multihand painting

There is an open drawing project, called Alchemy. I noticed this project while watching some video tutorials made by David Revoy. He uses this tool in his workflow. I noticed that people can draw crazy interesting stuff with that tool. … Continue reading

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Krita part-time report

My full-time sponsored developing of Krita ended few months ago and I’m already working in my day job as software developer. So far it’s fun, I enjoy my new work place and colleges and basically I’m happy to work in … Continue reading

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Harmony brush adoption in Krita: Sketch

Besides my sponsored work on Krita, I work in my spare time (if I find some) on some new features. I did a thesis about brush painting and I still enjoy this topic. So when I find some new interesting … Continue reading

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Week 38: On the path to fix smudge bugs

The week started with some fixes in Dyna tool I already wrote about in the previous blog entry. Then I started to work on bug with smudge. And I still did not fix the issue completely. I started to investigate … Continue reading

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Week 37: Brush rendering, UI and some performance fixes

This week of sponsored Krita development started with fix for bug 250621. I merged some of the brush engines as I promised at Akademy 2010. One of them is softbrush, which is now part of the default Pixel Brush. The … Continue reading

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Week 35,36: I fixed, I fixed, I implemented, I fixed…

The week 35 started with fixing issues in paintops, which occurred when I merged some brush engines. I fixed deserialization in the presets, I cleaned some code in the mask generation code and I commited the presets which mimics the … Continue reading

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