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Krita Sprint 2014

Past First Krita sprint that I attended was back in 2010, in Netherlands, Deventer. We were hosted by Krita maintainer, Boudewijn Rempt. The main topic back then was to define product vision for Krita . It was a great idea to … Continue reading

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Calligra Essen sprint 2013: Day 1

Calligra sprint 2013 is taking place in Essen, Germany. We are occupying Linuxhotel, which happens to be a very nice Linux hotel. The rooms are nice, the meeting hall is nice. Cool place with Linux mascot everywhere. I like the equipment of … Continue reading

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Week 24: Photoshop brush support in Krita

Thanks to the pledge we did long time ago and thanks to the community member, Silvio Grosso, who made major donation, I’m working on Krita for next ~12 weeks full-time.  The Krita community and me prepared Action Plan II. It’s … Continue reading

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Krita forum: Communicate

We need the place where our users can meet. The place where the artists can share their artworks and tips&trick for Krita usage. Gimpers have their GimpTalk. Blender users have their blenderartists. Krita has it’s new Krita forum! Mailing-lists are … Continue reading

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How to render outlines in Qt?

I have seen some approaches how to paint tool outlines in KDE/Qt apps. We draw two types of outline in Krita: * When you want to draw a line with line tool, you want to see the preview of the … Continue reading

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Ability to drag&drop from KSnapshot to Krita

I started discussion on IRC that I would like to be able to drag&drop image from KSnapshot to Krita. I decided to code that as no one stepped in. With Cyrille and the others fellow KOffice hackers I managed to … Continue reading

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Short tip: Show Desktop with KDE4.1.2

Here is nice trick from aaron seigo about how to add any shortcut to any plasmoid that you use: Cheers

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