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Week 24: Photoshop brush support in Krita

Thanks to the pledge we did long time ago and thanks to the community member, Silvio Grosso, who made major donation, I’m working on Krita for next ~12 weeks full-time.  The Krita community and me prepared Action Plan II. It’s … Continue reading

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Week 10: Default button

I hopped to the second part of the action plan already in week 9 and I’m working on features now. I also fix bugs these days. Performance part is pretty much done. But when we discover some regression or some … Continue reading

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Hairy brush improvements

I renamed my very first brush engine, sumi-e, I wrote a long time ago. It was Google Summer Of Code 2008, the year I joined the Krita team. This brush engine started my joy over  the brush engines. I have … Continue reading

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Week 9: Mirroring feature

Last week we finished the part of the action plan regarding the performance. I started to work on usability improvements. The first usability improvement is canvas mirroring. Canvas mirroring is useful in your painting work flow and Boudewijn explained that … Continue reading

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New brush in Krita: Softbrush

I’m quite busy right these days. I don’t have much time to blog about some nice stuff I have done in Krita in my “spare-thesis time”. I’m writing the thesis about brush engines I implemented for Krita and I wanted … Continue reading

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Week 8: Vectorization cancelled

In week 8 I started working on a part of the Krita I had never touched before. It is actually a library inside KOffice called Pigment. Pigment is responsible for the color management. It contains some colorspaces we actually don’t … Continue reading

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Week 7: 12 times faster smudge

This week of the sponsored Krita developer was a little shorter. On Monday I traveled back from Holland to Slovakia. I was at the Krita Hackfest 2010. We worked there quite hard so we decided to take a break for … Continue reading

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Week 5&6: Krita hackfest

I’m writing this blogpost from Boud’s kitchen. After 10 days of the Krita hackfest I feel quite dizzy. What I was doing? According the action plan, this two weeks could be spent on some unfinished business. So we decided to … Continue reading

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Wacom tablet does not work in Qt

I’m at Deventer, we are having Krita sprint. I’m trying to implement some new stuff in Krita and I can’t :'( Tablet stopped to work for me in Krita and basically in Qt. I don’t see tablet events (qt example … Continue reading

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Week 4: Optimizing iterators

So what happened last week? Except that Slovakia upset Russia in Hockey at Vancouver, Slovakia is also fixing Krita performance thanks to the donors, from all around the world, who made that possible. Enough about nationality, let’s talk about what … Continue reading

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